Exciting way to better address customer needs

Understand fragmented markets and segmentation are keys to optimize your business strategy

A mandatory exercice.
Due to globalization, market complexity is difficult to understand and your strategy is definitively hard to define. Having a clear vision of a market to address facilitates the construction of a strategic business plan. This precise observation allows you to be ready for an optimized new product launch or growth strategy deployment.

Do not forget your customer.
Market segmentation helps you to strengthen your customer comprehension and to create new product offers, services or business models. Customers have different behaviours, expectations, requirements and needs. It is easier to identify specific customer groups, based on these segmentation, in order to propose dedicated solutions and personalised pricing strategy.


Embedded Biometric Features in a smart card

Initiate first to market innovation

An Asian company has developped a disruptive product based on smart card form factor coupled with biometric sensor. The company needed to understand markets to invest in. We helped them to understand the financial ecosystem and more specifically the Fintech arena to create an associated business roadmap based on the given market segmentation. The company is now an undisputed major challenger within the biometric smart card market and provides cold storage for cryptocurrencies.


Leverage technologies to create new Skin Health Clinical Trials

The global leader of science-base skin health solutions contacted us to understand recent innovation within the skin health industry. We supported them in the designing of an exhaustive list of technologies and innovations that will impact the skin health ecosystem. Based on these findings, we developped a disruptive market segmentation to align future clinical trials. This market leader continues to drive innovation and is undisputed number one in skin health solutions.


The first steps to shift to the digital world

We can help you to identity emerging technologies that will put your business to a new dimension

Digital strategy

Be digital, be innovative. Engage your teams to create a new breath to your business.

New product launch

Identify new ways to deliver digital products by leveraging unexpected agility from your company

Sales optimization

Create an exciting pipeline by strengthening your sales forces and increasing sales effort efficiency

Market segmentation

Understand the market you are targeting for a better go-to-market strategy.

Competitive landscape

Create a comprehensive mapping of the major competitors for the targeted markets based on your criteria selection.


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