The best strategy to launch a new product

Digitalization could definitively help you to optimize your new product launch.

Four major steps that you need to follow.

⌘ Specifically within the digital space, you have to clearly understand country, local, regional or global context prior to launch your product.

⌘ Second step is to understand the competition, direct or indirect competitors. It will help you to differentiate your offer and to create innovative way to bring added value to your future customers. Based on the result, it will be easier to create an appropriate communication and marketing campaign.

⌘ The next step is to help you put on paper your future strategy with the support of scenarios. You need to elaborate three different scenarios (optimistic, pessimistic and realistic) based on selected criteria specific to your targeted market. Thanks to the selected scenario, we'll help you create dynamic pricing strategy coupled with dedicated positioning.

⌘ Finally, you'll have to create key performance indicators (KPIs) before the official launch in order to measure the success. It will definitively help you to dynamicaly optimize your product and strategy in real time and based on final customers requirements.


Enter the Application Development ecosystem

A disruptive and promising solution.

Contacted by an innovative start-up based in South of France, we were requested to create a specific product launch to help this company to enter the application development ecosystem with a completely new approach. Indeed as the product was based on proprietary software platform, it was important to identify ways to showcase the strenghts of the product and to align accordingly the communication.

The company is now recognised by top1 research firm as undisputed challenger.


The Secure End-Point solution

Align product launch strategy to the market needs

A Nordic company has contacted us to better understand the end-point security market. The objective was to launch a new product based on high-end security mechanism. The security by design solution had to be introduced to an already saturated market. We delivered a solid strategy to optimize time and investments for a succesful launch.

The norvegian company is now dealing with energy and healthcare big companies to provide security end-point solution.


The first steps to shift to the digital world

We can help you to identity emerging technologies that will put your business to a new dimension

Digital strategy

Be digital, be innovative. Engage your teams to create a new breath to your business.

New product launch

Identify new ways to deliver digital products by leveraging unexpected agility from your company

Sales optimization

Create an exciting pipeline by strengthening your sales forces and increasing sales effort efficiency

Market segmentation

Understand the market you are targeting for a better go-to-market strategy.

Competitive landscape

Create a comprehensive mapping of the major competitors for the targeted markets based on your criteria selection.


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